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Celebrating Country, Culture & Creativity

Welcome to Jamaica Brew Festival, an initiative of the Jamaican Consulate in Miami. At Jamaica Brew, literature, cinema, and the rich aroma of Jamaican coffee come together in a vibrant celebration of culture and creativity. Conceived by the visionary Oliver Mair, Consul General of the Consulate of Jamaica, Miami, and brought to life with the collaborative efforts of Cheryl Wynter, Danae Grandison, and Dale Mahfood, Jamaica Brew is a unique platform dedicated to showcasing the diverse talents of Jamaican writers and filmmakers, both on the island and in the diaspora. The festival aligns with the mission of the Jamaican Consulate in Miami to promote and protect the interests and welfare of Jamaicans in the Southern United States, while also serving as an outreach to Jamaicans living at home and to people in general who are interested in Jamaican history and culture.


Located in the heart of South Florida, otherwise warmly known as “Kingston 21,” Jamaica Brew Festival offers a distinctive cultural experience that transcends borders. At the festival, we aim to create a space where the captivating narratives of Jamaica's past, present, and future can unfold. Through literature and film, the festival seeks to weave together the cultural and historical tapestry of Jamaica, offering audiences a captivating journey through the island's multifaceted identity. Whether it's the exploration of traditions, the examination of contemporary issues, or glimpses into the possibilities of the future, JBF is a celebration of the stories that make Jamaica a vibrant and dynamic nation.


Central to the festival's ethos is the aromatic beauty and exquisite taste of Jamaican coffee. As attendees immerse themselves in the world of literature and film, they are also invited to savor the distinctive flavors of Jamaican coffee, enhancing the sensory experience and creating a delightful fusion of artistic expression and culinary delight.

Jamaica Brew is more than a festival; it's a cultural rendezvous where creativity knows no bounds, and the essence of Jamaica is brought to life through the written word, the lens of a camera, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Join us in this immersive celebration of Jamaica's literary and cinematic talents, and let the richness of our stories and the warmth of our hospitality leave an indelible mark on your heart and senses.

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